Reason #4: Trump’s Attacks on Educational Institutions

One of the theme’s of my “Vote Trump Out” posts is the similarities between his administration and the evolution of the Nazi party. Something his administration has done from day one—something the Nazi’s did—is to demonize educational institutions a facilities spreading liberal socialist propaganda. One only has to read comments from supporters to see this has become a national problem. Any expert, anyone with an education, anyone who has spent their lives dedicated to becoming an SME (Subject Matter Expert) has become a target for him and his supporters. This is troubling for more reasons that its similarity to what the Nazi’s pulled, but also because it means we’re relying on a government to make life and death decisions based on feelings and political philosophy, not facts, data, or science. Worse, it prevents dialog. Why talk with an expert on climate or medicine when you can have your own self gratifying opinion?

Over the last months Trump’s rhetoric has started to mirror the Nazi strategy: threaten to defund any educational institution that teaches history that does not align with white supremist ideology. America is perfect. Slavery wasn’t so bad. Racism doesn’t exist anymore. The Nazi party did exactly the same thing. So who’s to say this White House won’t continue in the same direction eventually making it a crime to teach actual history in our public schools and universities? You might say it could never happen here, but the Germans thought the same thing and sat idly by while hatred crept in until it became punishable by death to speak out.

For those that want to take the time to educate themselves as what to this might end up looking if Trump gets a second term, watch this film based on a true story and a real person who stood up when Hitler attacked German education institutions before and during World War II: