Reason #5: Trump Politicizes a Pandemic, Costing Lives, Money

I remember at the beginning of the year reading posts about the spread of COVID-19. The entire time I was waiting for the White House to say something about it.


At the time the virus was spreading across the world and people in the know were starting to wake up about cruise ships. But the White House said nothing about the one means of travel that was bringing the virus to our shores in less than a day: air travel. Even after the White House acknowledged this as a problem the solution was to limit then stop travel from countries Trump didn’t like: China and Iran. His decisions did not reflect any acknowledgement of the data, but was obviously political.

And so it’s been since day one. His entire response to the pandemic has been that of a reality TV host going after ratings, not after a world leader trying to ensure the safety of the citizenry of his country.

I don’t have all day to detail all the behaviors that support this argument. If you’ve been paying attention to the news since January you have the data, you just have to choose to pay attention to it. Whether it’s Trump suggesting “treatments” that either don’t work or have lead to unnecessary deaths of people that took him at his word, he’s not demonstrated leadership, intelligence, or compassion for Americans. Nearly every day he says something so far beyond stupid I never thought someone so mentally frail could be in the most powerful position in the world. He “downplayed” the pandemic because he didn’t want to frighten people? Yeah, that really doesn’t make any sense given his constant use of abusive language to set people against each other, even promoting violence. Now he’s claiming a vaccine will be ready a few days before Election Day despite every drug manufacturer saying this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Over 200,000 American’s have died as a result of the virus (that’s a third of deaths on the entire planet). Trump continues to blame China and sidestep any responsibility. He has never promoted the most simple strategies for saving lives: wearing a mask and social distancing. This is evident at his rallies where he packs in as many people as possible, few of whom wear masks. Worse, he’s been heard telling his staffers that this was okay because he wasn’t close to them and wouldn’t catch anything. He also stated that he liked it because he preferred not having to shake hands with those losers.

You heard that right, Trump has been overheard saying he couldn’t care less about the lives of his supporters. His behavior during this pandemic has been un-Christian, unsympathetic, self-centered, scientifically ignorant, and quite frankly, traitorous.

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