Reason #6: Trumps Disrespect for a Free Press

If you take the time to study your history, you’ll learn that pre-Nazi Germany was one of the most democratic countries in the world at the time with the most broad protections for free press and speech. In Berlin alone there were dozens of newspapers supporting, sharing, and discussing many, many points of view. And their government reflected this broad range of views and agendas.

When the Nazi Party took power all that changes. Other points of views were buried either via rhetoric, changes in the legal system, or violence. At worst students like Sophie Scholl were put to death by printing pamphlets uncovering Nazi atrocities. Goebell’s, the Propaganda mister, was quintessential in ensuring everyone in the country was presented with one story, the superiority of Germany and its citizens over all other countries, cultures, and races. Anything that didn’t agree with that philosophy is what we’d call in our modern parlance, “Fake News.”

So study your history. Trump has slowly whittled away trust of our press to the point that nearly half of our country will believe nothing if it comes from a “moderate” right wing “news” outlet like Fox or more extreme “news” outlets like Breitbart and The Federalist. And this is dangerous. A sufficient number of Americans who get their news from these sources refuse to listen to anything else, including non-partisan fact checking outlets.

What can you do to fight this? Subscribe to sources that don’t conform to your political ideology. Me? I really want people listening to National Public Radio. After a few weeks listening to actual news, news that is designed to educate not pull on your emotion strings.

So that’s my challenge to you. Turn off everything else. Take one week, just one week, of your life and get your news from


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