Reason #7: Trump Thrives on Creating Chaos

Since before Trump even became President he’s thrived off chaos and this strategy is true to this day.

Take the protests in Portland, for instance. Instead of getting the facts or supporting local leaders as well as those speaking out, he regularly makes statements to encourage fighting on both sides. He’s called people on the right engaging in violence good people and called for those on the left to be labeled terrorist organizations. He’s targeted cities with regular protests.

Take the Coronavirus. He regularly disputes the experts in the White House. He spreads Qanon theories about the virus. He calls it by the racist “Chinese Virus” term and imposes his will on the CDC, which has gone from a respected institution to one that nobody can trust on either side anymore.

Chaos is how someone like him thrives. It pits us against each other, uses our brain chemistry against us, and ensures that the facts get relegated to the background while we bicker about fictions like the liberal child sex trade. People who twenty years ago I might have called “good” Christians now pray for the deaths of opposition members or ignore Covid restrictions putting everyone’s life at risk.

Trump sits back and laughs at us. And he’s said as much in public and in private.