A Republican Agenda

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the last six months or so, you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a second COVID stimulus package. While there’s been much talk, it comes down to the fact that the Republican held Senate wants to build into the bill articles that prevent individuals from suing companies (particularly employers) if they catch COVID while on the job, even if said company fails to adhere to CDC guidelines.

This is unacceptable.

On the flip side, there’s a push from these very same people to pass legislation that would allow individuals to sue FaceBook for offensive content that other users post. In other words, I could share a news article sharing information about something Trump said, it offends some Qanon supporter, and they could sue FaceBook.

People post billions of things to FaceBook every day. To expect any social media company to be able to reasonably vet every single post would bring these services to a grinding halt. And that’ just part of the problem.

The other part is about personal responsibility and accountability. If I, say, post something libelous, shouldn’t I be the one to be legally responsible for such behavior? Opening litigation against FaceBook only means sue happy people will start doing this to make money and again, it will potentially cripple a tool that millions find invaluable.

Going back to my original comment about the senate, I find it hypocritical that they’d put a stop to people needing help during a pandemic so businesses that aren’t actively protecting their employees can get a free pass. What they’re saying is essentially that you or your loved one, who needs to go to work to pay the bills, must accept any risk imposed by an employer who would rather save money than ensure they’re following CDC guidelines. Yet at the same time the Senate is also saying if someone posts something to FaceBook then FaceBook is legally liable, not the person posting the content. It’s a disgusting demonstration about how they view “responsibility”. Corporations aren’t responsible for anything related to COVID, even if it means someone dies, while other corporations are responsible for users who abuse their services. To be blunt, there are already laws in place if people post libelous content, threaten people online, and so on and so forth. Use those. In regard to preventing the government from helping citizens in need so corporations can continue to put people at risk, that’s just unethical and inhuman.


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