Assuming I win Powerball and the my dream house is still available, I plan to only make two changes to the inside.

First—and while I love the cinema room the way it is—I’d have it completely overhauled to look like the bridge of the Enterprise-D. Assuming the room is large enough I’d have two rows of seating. The first row would be comprised of two chairs designed almost identically to those of the conn and ops positions but the console would be redesigned as desks so they can be used for using computers via the main screen. The back row would be leather theater seating for watching films. And if there’s still room left over the back wall would be identical and contain real computers folks could use. In other words, it will be a working bridge and in the uber scenario a Star Trek simulation could be designed to allow a group of people to explore the universe.

The other thing I’d do, and this is a big if, is invite Banksy over. There’s a beautiful room with a bar and a brick wall but that wall needs an overhaul. Who would I love more than to do something with it than him. And what would I ask him to do? Something progressive. Something to remind me and visitors of our responsibility towards the rest of humanity. A daily reminder that with great privilege comes great responsibility.

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