Skunk Works

One of the things I want to do on this blog is share ideas I have for building a better world. I have thousands of ideas but this is the first I am writing about.

This idea assumes I win the lottery. No shit. It’s just easier that way as I’m introverted by nature and don’t have a ton of energy (it comes in spurts).

What I want to do is hire half a dozen or so people, mostly programmers with backgrounds in the sciences, as part of a skunk works project. Their daily agenda:

* To brainstorm ways to improve the world via existing and upcoming technologies. As an addendum they would be tasked with writing software, including web sites, software, and mobile apps, to achieve smaller aims, and reach out to large companies suchs as Google, FaceBook, and Microsoft, to facilitate the creation of new ones. The team would obviously spend time writing patents and would recieve fair royalties on those, otherwise the patents would be nearly free for companies, organizations, and governments hoping to make them a reality.

Those are, quite frankly, the cliff notes.

Here are some examples of things they might do or work with other companies to create:

* Build a phone app that allows individuals to immediately get information about the products they intent on buying by simply taking pictures of their bar codes. For example, say I want to support companies that invest in sustainable agriculture. I could set the app up to tell me if a product did and also give me a list of products from companies that do. Say I don’t want to support a company that gives money to homophogic candidates. Same.
* Bulid apps to help network people involved in social justice issues.
* Build an AI to monitor all public finances so anyone can determine what individuals or companies support a given political candidate for instance. The idea, of coures, would be to make our financial institutions, companies, and governments, completely open and easily searched (like Google) by the average individual.
* Create apps that allow regular folk (esp. blue collar workers) to invest in things that matter to them.
* Create apps that would allow ideas for solving problems from around the world to be shared in a common forum. For example, how have some countries solved homelessness and poverty? Or how has another made voting more fair? How has another provided every citizen affordable health care? I know it’s a lofty goal, but with the technology at our fingertips we should be able to have a centralized place to share solutions to common problems in easily digestable chunks.

I admit this is a high level, throwing it out there. Still crossing my thing on the lottery thang.

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