The Brightest Timeline

I have a few lottery tickets stuffed in my jacket. I haven’t checked them yet but I’m pretty sure I didn’t win; that’s about as easy to predict as last week’s insurrection at the capitol. But if I did win, besides purchasing a cabin in British Columbia far from the insanity of what’s going on in America, there are a few places I’d like to travel and do.

1. Take a road trip through Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming.
2. Spend a couple of weeks exploring San Fransisco.
3. Fly to Hawaii (and visit the smaller islands).
4. Explore Paris and Normandy.
5. Road trip through Scotland.
6. Visit Victoria British Columbia for a week.
7. Spend a month visiting friends and family in Australia.
8. Hong Kong.
9. Tokyo.
10. Rome.

Okay, now that I think on it I have so many places to visit and for so many reasons. Some I’d like to visit to figure out if I’d want to live there. Others because of the culture. Others for the history. Mostly, I feel like I’d need to spend at least a year traveling if I were filthy rich because my immediate gut reaction–given I’m extremely introverted by nature–is to find that cabin far away from the rat race. If I were to be rich I’d want to be someone who sees it as a responsibilty, not just a chance to hide away and do my own thing. Since I am by far nowhere near perfect and often grow most by doing what I’m most uncomfortable with, i.e. being in unfamiliar places ultimately around strangers, traveling would be an excellent way to broaden my perspective.

I should note I would want, whenever possible, to make my travel environmentally friendly. Whenever possible I’d be traveling by train or electric vehicle or boat (sailing ideally). I’d support businesses (restaurants, hotels, etc.) that are or moving towards sustainability. I’d do a lot of walking (which reminds me, two weeks in San Fransisco is not enough–a month there would really help me get into excellent shape without doing much more than exploring the city by foot!).

RE: my previous note about getting out of my “safe” space, I’d plan on blogging and vlogging my entire experience. The first would be easy for me. On my two week trip to Disneyland and back many years back I spent every evening winding down after dinner by blogging the experiences of the day as well as my reflections on them. Vlogging, or Video Blogging, would push me to share in a manner that makes me cringe thinking about: face and voice. To put simply, I’ve never liked my looks. I mean, I guess I look okay, but mostly I’ve always think I look like an awkward dork–and to be blunt after a year in lock down I’ve started to look like Santa Claus. Then there’s my voice. Nobody else agrees with me, but when I hear it on tape I sound like Kermit the Frog; I don’t sound anything like I sound to me. Sure, I could force myself to grow in this manner right now, but I’d first need to purchase video equipment and second it is emotionally draining and I simply don’t have the spoons to jump in with both feet if I’m at the same time working a full time job.

Oh, last but not least, I’d like to travel with certain friends and colleauges. For instance, I have a good friend and old coworker from India–what better person to show me the sites and culture? Australia? I’d love to take my nephew and niece. And so on and so forth. I may be an introvert, but when it comes to travel I do like having a couple of people on board with me even if I spend much of the time in the car, on the boat, on the plane, reading a book. Traveling alone is something I left behind with my motorcycling days. And that, as they say, is that.

I think in my next post I’m going to ramble about about the insanity of how the last four years have culminated in the last week.


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